Dublin Herbalists was founded in 2012 by Claire Brett, Dip. Herb., ND. Indulging a new hobby, Herbalist and Naturopath Claire began developing recipes for a simple moisturiser made from entirely natural ingredients in her home kitchen. Each Dublin Herbalists product has been proudly created from Claire’s own recipes. Dublin herbalists are leading the crest of the clean beauty movement in Ireland and their products are never tested on animals. Their ethos and brand messaging is very much in line with The Nice Things intentions to evolve the way we approach consumerism.


This was Dublin Herbalist's first time to engage a social media agency so we started with a full audit of their social media presence and messaging. Armed with the who's, how's and why's of their campaign we devised a strategy using their native as well as viral content in line with their brand ethos and messaging.


As an agency we understand the budgetary challenges of running a small business so with that in mind we agreed to focus The Nice Thing's effort on their two key social media channels Instagram and Facebook. Following our social media audit we discovered that these platforms were where the brand was getting the most engagement. We now manage Twitter but not actively and are driving growth and engagement on both Facebook and Instagram. 

We've delivered a 400% organic increase in engaged Instagram followers to 2800 over the course of 6 months Posts regularly achieve more than 100 likes and up to 15 comments.

We've grown Facebook following to 6000 followers with organic reach on some posts achieving up to 3000, more than 100 likes as well as up to 20 comments.


We run social media advertising campaigns during key occasions  to drive traffic to the website. Over Christmas we drove an extra 2000 visitors to their site through our advertising campaign.


Dublin Herbalists are stocked nationwide and a key element of their success on social has been partnering with the relevant influencers and micro-influencers. We carefully suggested influencers with integrity and vision in line with Dublin Herbalist's view of the world. We've engaged influencers countrywide with whom they will build lasting relationships with as they become advocates of the brand sharing news and product releases with their followers.


"Marion and her team have produced fantastic results for our business after only a few months. They are efficient, very responsive and admirably creative. We have really enjoyed working with them and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. We highly recommend The Nice Things to help create a buzz around your business!"


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