Good Fridays

The brainchild of Marion Bergin, she came up with the idea of sober and sober sometimes events whilst in London in the wake of a bereavement. Nights down the pub left her feeling low and the cinema seemed too anti-social and dark. There wasn’t a happy medium so she decided to create one.


The natural choice is to reach for the booze to release, soothe and relax but the morning after does little for mood and energy. It’s very easy to fall into habits when managing stress. This new event looks to create the same sense of relaxation and connection without the gargle and has been designed to evoke those feelings in a healthy way.


Renowned yoga teacher Kitty Maguire opens the event with an hour long yoga session to unwind after the week. The Nice Things will curate the music to support and encourage the feel good factor. A short meditation follows the yoga to ground and free the mind.


TBC  be giving a talk on how their lifestyle has evolved to a more responsible attitude/sober to booze and there ll be a few extra little surprises to boot.


The night rounds off with a vegetarian supper of healthy eats designed in collaboration with…TBC to encourage feelings of relaxation and wellbeing.


Expect to leave with a glow and wake up Saturday feeling smug.


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