Diamond Lotus Rocks


Newly returned from India with a haul of over 30 tonnes of healing crystals (some more than 6 feet tall), Gary approached The Nice Things to develop a clean, simple and sophisticated logo for his company Diamond Lotus Rocks.

Inspired by his "rock and roll" personality and the desire to engage his wellness clients tattoos and a simple lotus flower were used as a starting point. The design developed was intended to be light, clean and linear, representing the purity of his crystals and appealing to his sophisticated clients.


Working directly with a database of affluent clietnts, Gary does not operate in the digital space preferring to deal directly with people. The Nice Things developed a catalogue of his crystals which he sends out to those interested in investing in these wonderful pieces. With his clientele in mind, we arrived at a design that was inspired by fine art gallery catalogue, a more suitable format for these high end healing crystals.


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