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The Nice Things presents


with Sandrine Kom

Sunday 7th March, 4 - 6pm GMT

In this two-hour workshop I introduce Sandrine in conversation on the art of slow living. I'll then hand over to Sandrine who will walk us through a gentle practice of yogic movement and breath to enable us to:


  • take deadlines in our stride

  • nourish the body with breath

  • self soothe, shoulder, neck and back

  • deepen concentration

  • find your optimum posture

  • regulate and manage emotions

  • restore positive energy flow

  • and the holy grail......improve your sleep


Streamed from the abundant hills of Chianti, Tuscany, expect to take away methods to incorporate "SLOW" in daily life – techniques we can do anywhere, at anytime, without a yoga mat!

Born in Paris of Russian/Cameroon descent Sandrine spent years in corporate including a stint as a senior executive with Louis Vuitton. She subsequently founded Slowlife Yoga and Coaching.

30 euro

This is for you if regularly find yourself overwhelmed're addicted to 'busy'

......monkey mind is calling the shots want to connect to your intuition want to awaken your bodies healing ability simply want to have a restful experience in good company're in need of a Spring reset want to ground yourself in the natural world