Shamrock Recipes

As an Art Director I love to colour block everything all matchy matchy so this week as a statement of national pride, I'm going green. I'm green all the time on the inside but outwardly I don't actually ever wear the colour because....well.....i don't want to look like a Shamrock and also green doesn't look good on really pale people(i.e most of Ireland).

I think it's pretty safe to say that we(the Irish) as a nation are insanely proud of being Irish. Since I've moved home I've noticed how much we love talking about our Irishness, we're mad for it, never tires. I think it's because we weren't allowed to be Irish for such a long time that we still can't believe our luck (apparently we've loads of this anyway). Bonus.

I think it's also pretty safe to say that everyone else loves doing impressions of our accent - I've lived in London for twelve years and most of my friends know me almost that long yet despite that EVERYONE still speaks to me in the accent (they think) I'm speaking to them. By now I should really find it annoying but actually I don't - I find it endearing, it's a nice accent to listen to and t makes me giggle hearing everyone else trying to do it. Ian Paisely is the usual go to - I've no idea why, at least it's not Tom Cruise in Far and Away.

Whoever did the branding for Ireland deserves an medal because I think we're owning green pretty well. We own green like Cadbury's owns purple. Little known fact about green but Irish fashion retailers struggle to sell emerald green in Ireland despite what Pantone is saying - there's just no joy in wearing a flag unless it's the Olympics or The Eurovision Song Contest. I know this, I was a fashion buyer and I've seen the sales.

I've been consuming a lot of green since I've been waging the war on anxiety and building a wall to keep low mood out. Greens are my weekday go to for feel good. They're also a guilt neutraliser (very important when you're Irish) so whatever you do at the weekend you can patch it up with green soup (kinda....but you should also just be good).

Magnesium is an excellent mineral for it's anti anxiety and calming effects. I learned this from Rachel Kelly's awesome book The Happy Kitchen and her recipe for Calming Green Broth. I've created my own version and thrown some shamrocks in for the day that's in it. I didn't eve know you could eat Shamrocks until yesterday. Turns out you can.

What do they taste like? The craic.

Sadly I didn't pluck the shamrocks by the feet of St.Patrick, I bought them in Supervalue from Keelings. They're Irish grown which is important and good.

Shamrock soup

3 Cloves of Garlic

Rapeseed Oil

2 Bags of Spinach

1 Head of Broccoli

Bouillon Organic Stock cubes

1. Chop up three cloves of garlic and fry for 2/3 minute in rapeseed oil

2. Mix 1 litre of stock and lash it in

3. Wilt in 2 bags of spinach

4. Chop up a head of broccoli, stems n all, throw that in too

5 Bring to boil and reduce to simmer for a while (like 15/20 mins or until your broccoli's tender)

6. Throw into a blender or whizz up with a soup whizzer

7. Just before serving chop up some Shamrocks and mix through. Pile the lil fellas high as a garlic for extra luck.

I like to put tabasco in everything. It's great, I recommend. Maybe you could use the green one.

Matchy Matchy Green Things

I'd never cooked with Matcha until my Dad smuggled me back a little packet of it from Japan recently. I've spent quite a lot of time in Tokyo and let me tell you, they are MAD for the stuff over there. I've had green tea ice-cream, green tea Oreos(kinda weird) and Green Tea Kit Kats - these are really cool for Tumblr shots against any kind of bathroom tiled background. I'd never cooked with it until now. So in the spirit of St.Patrick's Day I decided to go a little bit Japan, a little bit Ireland and a little bit West Indies making Green Thing Coconut Truffles.

So I'm not the most exact person in the world. None of this is exact. I kind of made it up as I went along just tasting and having a bit of cop on so tweak - it's fun and it all tastes good.

1/2 Cup Coconut Floour

1 Cup of Oatmeal

1 Tablespoon of Coconut Oil

100 Grams of Creamed coconut

1/2 Cup of coconut cream (place in fridge and cream rises to top, skim off this)

A few squirts of honey or agave syrup


Matcha Green Tea Powder

1. Chop up the creamed coconut and put in blender

2. Add Oatmeal, coconut oil, coconut cream an coconut flour and blend for a minute

3. Depending on consistency add more flour as required or more coconut milk. You're aiming for a firm paste

4. Scoop up a little ball of your mixture and pop a hazelnut in the middle.

5. Roll until you get a nice firm ball shape

6. Roll in matcha green tea powder for extra green.

7. Place in the fridge.

This is the first year in as long as i can remember that I've been in Ireland for St. Patricks day and rather than the usual eye-roll I'm actually kind of excited about it!



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