No Kane No Gain - The Yard, Shoreditch.

Now I know this website is essentially Buddha and that's the kind of vibe I seek out mentally which is why I surround myself with calming colours, oceans, grass and all of that mushy stuff. The reason why I need to do this is because I AM CHAOS - controlled chaos but yeah a little wild. I've millions of ideas and I work very very fast. Sometimes a little too fast and then I go a bit speedy and that's when shit goes wrong. So in order to the create the calm I need to spend some energy on the chaos which means that my fitness is polarised. I'm either in a white room doing yoga with candles and essential oils or I'm in a neon lit basement spin or pump class annihilating all my creative energy to really loud, heavy bass music. So a couple of weekends ago off I went to spend some chaos at a two hour fitness event No Kane No Gain run by Melody Kane in Shoreditch's The Yard.

I first saw Melody on a BBC 1 Extra Youtube video DJ'ing with two female grime artists and she just had a magnetism. I got to meet her in person whilst doing a six month in-house stint on creative to get Pop Brixton off the ground. She was hosting a club night in their event space and we got talking. She was just as effervescent and upbeat in person and I was drawn in. Like me she was into fitness and vocal about mental health and we became friends in feisty straight away. Now I must say she’s a LOT more into fitness than me - the girls ripped! I’m a bit more of a four days one week, zero days the following week kinda person but I’m working hard to change that mostly so I can build strength to surf better.

Consistency is not my middle name in any way which is why I’m always jumping around between cities and getting bored easily. I never actually got to work out with Melody - truth be told I was probably a little scared at how unfit I would be. I met Melody during one of the toughest times in my life. I hadn’t long lost Ish, was grieving hard and desperately trying be ok - probably not in a great place to make new friends so we gently came out of contact and I went Ireland to heal and become human again. Melody had a vision of doing her own fitness events combining her love of the UK urban music scene with live fitness events. Brilliant idea don’t you think! Well there’s good news on both counts - I’m human again and Melody has just got her fitness gig going.

I can’t work out without music. In fact I fail to do most things without music. No Kane No Gain is all about the beats and the buzz. It's a two hour workshop. I've never in my life worked out for two hours so I felt a bit vom about that. Thankfully it never got boring. We were lead by two trainers with two very different styles who switched things up constantly with little "I think I might die now" breaks for us to catch our breath. Seb Eubabnk (yep Chris' son) moved us through various forms of boxercise, something I really love(comes naturally, I'm Irish) and we did an entire abs workout standing up which was new and tough. Machine woman Justine George worked us through our squats. lunges, burpees and so the booty got a good going over too!

My go to gym for years has always been Brixton recreation centre. Long before boutique fitness joints were curating music selections I was paying mere £8 a pop to go to some of the best classes I’ve ever been to on a backdrop of garage, drum and base, uk funky and dancehall. I liked the classes there because of the diversity and it wasn't just a statement or some marketing initiative - it just was. The classes felt laid back and friendly with wobbly west Indian nanas, young gym bunnies, hench guys and tryers like me aka die tryins. Melody's events are similar, just a really nice mix of people unified in sweat and tears.

The session was broken up with teamwork, wheelbarrow races, piggy backs and all sorts of fun and exhausting work. To top it all off we had a guest appearance from Grime MC Manga to push us that little bit harder.

We warmed down to Drake and Childish Gambino before we went off on our way to enjoy the sunshine, abs that little bit firmer, arms that little less flabby.

Melody's next event is in The Box in Brighton on Saturday the 21st of July. In my tiny little world of two degrees of separation I was shot by BOX owner Lucy for Health and Fitness Magazine last year. TWO AWESOME women getting two amazing fitness businesses off the ground. I'm sadly not going to make it as I'm off to Lahinch in the West of Ireland to go surfing for my birthday.

Find out more about the event HERE



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